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Women and a book.

I have enrolled in a gender (not biological sex, but the social idea of what a man, woman or some one in between is) studies class for a month now. It has been a bit of an eye opening experience as to how gender is really engrained in our social behavior. But I wanted to throw this question out here.


On many occasions, the instructor (or students) had referenced the christian bible. I put no faith in it myself, but I do know that many people do. It caused me to think and recall certain bible authors. I know that this religious text does not paint women in a positive light, as well as other well known related texts, belief systems and authors. I only know the authors who wrote negatively about women.


I was wondering if anyone knew any authors in the past who wrote (religious texts) positively about women. Specifically, either in the christian bible (I have not finished reading the whole thing and I don’t plan to finish it) or old supplemental texts (even saints writings) or in any other well known orthodox monotheistic religion? It would help my studies if anyone has anything to input (positive or negative things the have seen about women in writing.)


(I do know that Paganism, Wicca, forms of Devil Worship and other spiritual view points put woman in a more positive light, which is why I am wondering if one of the before mentioned religions have ever looked, at any time, women positively.)



Sep. 20th, 2008 12:30 am (UTC)
From what i know of the bible, I don't know of really anything... but I have a study bible I can look it up in. My mom is good with that kind of stuff too, she's read the whole bible, so I can ask her for any ideas she has on where to look. Unfortunately, other than that, I can't help. But good luck.

Have you looked into Roman and Greek mythology? There were a lot of women who were considered gods. But I don't know much on that either.


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