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Religious Open Discussion

Strengthening our spiritual bonds

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The exchange of religious and spiritual views, to strengthen one's personal views.
The idea of this community is to express or discuss religion and/or spirituality within a mature enviroment. Belittling, harassing or persecution will not be allowed, be respectful. By comparing belief systems the hope is to strengthen our own views or evolve them. This community is designed to challenge one's beliefs, for without challenge you can't build a strong spiritual foundation.


1. After accepted, you must post about yourself, who you are (you can remain annonymus using your lj-username), what religious following you are, why you're interested in this community, and lastly tell us what you think you can contribute to the community. Please post under the "Who is who" tag.

2. If you do not post a "Who is who", watchers who join need to post this as well, entry with-in 3 months you will be booted out of the community. You only need to post at least once.

3. Stay respectful! We're all here to learn from each other and discuss, not to cause chaos.

4. Post anything you want relating to anything religous/spritual.

Thank you and we appreciate your participation!