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Hello To All


My name is Rae...

I identify as a Christian with a very strong Pagan streak. I really enjoy learning about other people beliefs and spirituality as a means for widening my own. I look forward to seeing what others here have to say!

Newest Member

Just welcoming our newest member thesmallonerae. Welcome to the comm! I hope you enjoy the environment here, and hope to be seeing your "who's who" post sometime soon!

Too Much Is Not Enough For Some

Seeing the news in Texas from the last few months, I thought of a question. I was wondering if anyone had heard of any modern day religion that practices polygamy other than the Mormons? Are the Mormons the last to practice this?


More welcomes!

Wow, so we've been rolling in people it seems. We have two new members to the comm and I'd like to welcome them. ifalter and uplander welcome to religiousopen. I hope that you both find yourselves at home here and post when ever you wish.

This day marks the timer for your 3 months to post something and if no "who's who" post, any post or comments are made then you will unfortunately will be kicked out of the comm.

I thank you guys for taking the time to find us, and I hope to see some posts soon.

Welcome and admin

I'd like to welcome our newest member cybermusilma. I hope that you enjoy our group and post when ever you wish! And please don't forget a "Who's who" post! I would also like to give a full welcome to sayf_udeen since he (sorry assuming gender here) did not get a welcome post. My bad on that! Sorry... Still looking forward to your "Who's who" post btw.

I know that the comm has been very slow as of late, and probably will remain slow because of busy schedules and lack of material to write. hornedgoat and I would love to see this community blossom, but we can't do that by ourselves.

I understand that religion is a passionate topic and many get flustered talking about it. The environment we are providing here is a medium where we can all talk and exchange ideas and thoughts in a mature setting. So please don't be afraid of speaking up and talking. If something is on your mind and bothering you religiously/spiritually then come on here and say something. We all have our own faiths and beliefs but that doesn't mean that we can't help in some way or another.

So welcome again and take care everyone!

Found something interesting...

So I was watching a show called "The Book of Nostradomus" and I don't know how many people would know who that is, but he's a famous... what do you call them.... prophet! Anyhow, he was the one who predicted the Twin Tower's attack. Apparently he also predicted three major anti-christs throughout history. The first was Napolean, the second was Hitler, and the third is assumed to be Osama Bin Laden.  Anyhow, it said that this particular anti-christ was going to be the bringer of the appocolypse. The Book of Nostradomus went on to describe the battle with Bin Laden as the "Final Battle". 
I know a lot of people believe the predictions of people like Nostradomus and Edgar Cayce are way to broad and could mean anything... but the prediction of the 9/11 used words like "two metal birds crashing into identical stone towers".  I can understand how people like Sylvia Brown often look like crack pots, but for someone to make that kind of prediction in the time he lived is very interesting to me. Even something as odd as the Mayan, Aztec and Egyption calendars all ending on the exact same day of the exact same year seems too much to be coincidence to me. 
Anyhow, this show is very interesting^^ I love this kind of stuff. Any opinions or input?


Hi! I'm Taniwha, a 36 year old Kiwi (New Zealander) woman. I am learning about various types of religion and was intrigued by this community, so I've joined and am looking forward to discussing my findings and thoughts with the members here. I don't follow any particular path, but take what I need from each, combining them in my own eclectic way ... (:

Deja Vu?

Well I know the comm hasn't been very active as of late, but that's alright lol. We all get busy and this month typically is a busy one for me since not only is it my birth-month, I have 5 reletives that have birthdays in March....

Well on to what I came here to post about.

I've always wondered about Deja Vu, and never have been able to come to a conclusive answer as to what it is. So to get this group a little warmed up, I want to know what you guys think about Deja Vu.

Oh by the way, it's the start of the 27th day of the month and I've had Deja Vu 12-13 times already. Thoughts?



OK I'll be the first to admit that I'm not so big on spirits, I believe in them, I just don't like having them around. And lately, I think its one but I could be wrong, just won't leave me alone and it's kinda giving me the creeps. I keep feeling this pressure all through my body like somethings trying to get my attention, and it seems to get frustrated and give up if I dont pay attention to it, and it hasn't really communicated with me, but I think thats just because I'm not sure how it communicates. Other than that it shows up the only thing I know is that it understands me, one time when I could feel it leaving I said "Wait come back" and it came back and it felt stronger, and lately its just been showing up periodically and leaving and coming back to check on me. I'm not really sure what I can do to figure out what it wants.


I just wanted to welcome Doktorzee to the community; today is your three month start day. All I need is a post or a comment, then your here as long as your want. I hope you enjoy your stay.