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 I have decided that I can't find a logical reason for the existence of a "hell". I just don't believe in such a place.
Heaven tho is kind of a very grey area for me. I want to believe in a heaven... but my ideas are a little contradictory. I believe in reincarnation 100%. I have for a while and it makes perfect sense to me. But I also believe that there is such thing as heaven, I just can't find a logical way to fit it in together from what I have heard from the bible, and what I have heard from others with similar beliefs. I only know of the Christian (more so non-denominational) perspective on heaven, and I am very ignorant and naive to other religion's beliefs'. I am curious as to what others think about the subject. 
Oh, and hell too! I have my opinion, but I am very curious to hear what others think too ^_^


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Jul. 26th, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
To Heaven or to Reincarnate.
Technically, heaven and reincarnation could exist together. There is the idea that as mortals we can not fathom such things and no matter what we think or what we believe, the afterlife will be completely different. With respect to the other side of thought, heaven could exist along side reincarnation. People could choose to be reincarnated or stay in the said heaven. Only "bad" people get reincarnated or only “good” people. Said heaven could only exist as a waiting room for people to be reincarnated (take a number and get in line).

It’s really up to the believer to (for lack of a better phrase) believe in something. So everyone has their heaven or pleasant place with a different name. It is also possible that the spiritual world has many heavens or Hells. Each deity could have their own heaven and Hell. If you try to play by a certain god's rules and fail, you go to their Hell. Or if your succeed you go to their heaven.

I personally feel that both reincarnation and afterlife realms exist as well. I don't however have the spoon fed or text book view of what these realms are. There are too many possibilities (as well as possible realms) to discuss in a life time. It’s up to you to find a belief system with heaven and reincarnation you like, or create your own (yes, you have to power to form your own person belief and no one can take that away from you except yourself).

Reincarnation, yes I believe in it. As far as spiritual places in the afterlife, yes I agree with that too. For heaven, no I don’t believe in it being the perfect afterlife. I do believe in Hell, but as far as it being a place of punishment, no. Hell is defined as a place without the existence of “god”, therefore for me and those of my ilk; it is a grand place to be.

Those are just some of the possibilities I’ve seen and some surface thoughts of mine on reincarnation and heaven, along with Hell.
Jul. 27th, 2008 01:36 am (UTC)
For some reason I don't have the option to reply directly to your comment...
I was talking with my mom about what the bible says, and it does support reincarnation, so that suprised me. She said that what she understood of it, you are either reincarnated or put into a state of limbo until the Judgement Day, or Armageddon or whatever it's called. And that's when it is decided what happens to each individual soul.
I really need to read the bible, but I have completely given up on the first testament. I just can't get through it. And it's all campfire story anyhow^^ lol.
I don't know if I believe that heaven is perfect either... I don't think God is a perfect being, I just don't think it's possible, so why would heaven be if there is such a place?
Thanks for the input and ttyl.
Feb. 16th, 2009 01:37 am (UTC)
Your statement is soo full of fallacies that there is no other response for them other than: you cannot mix faiths. You cannot do so because each faith says you cannot. If you believe in "god" you HAVE to believe what "it" says. Each "god" demands devotion. You are rediculous and deluted to think you can. This gets into a long discussion(which I AM willing to have) but has no short answer other than you are being silly.
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