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Being someone who has an interest in the occult field, I keep a look out for possible sources of information. I have found myself sorely disappointed over the years by television recanting of occult related fields. In this instance I am specifically referring to shows such as "A Haunting" or "Paranormal State" (anyone else seen this?) or other spiritual encounter shows. I seen a dozen episodes and have found a pattern in them that is disturbing at the very least. I do understand that this is television (in a television addicted country), but I feel that they are creating a stereotype. I do believe in the spirit world and ghost but these shows are giving mediums, clairvoyants, researches and occultists a bad wrap. I feel these shows may have started out legitimate at first but after a period of time are now scripted. This is the pattern I have noticed in these ghost tales shows.

1. It’s generally a family or couple. (I guess bachelors and single women are completely oblivious to their existence.)
2. It never goes into the people's background. An example is Ted is a construction worker and Lisa is a stay at home mom. That’s as far as it goes. This is probably due to the fact that the episode is a work of fiction (yes, I feel the interviews are becoming staged).
3. It’s mainly the stay at home wife or child who notices it.
4. The dominate money earning figure in the house often dismisses its presence.
5. The spirit in the house is consistently negative, (In which case they usually blame it on the age old culprit, Demons.)
6. A paranormal investigation team or a priest of some kind (usually christian) shows up.
7. It is "discovered" that a "bad" person lived there or "bad" events happened there or an ancient spiritual ritual has occurred there or a Satanist ritual occurred there.
8. An exorcism or cleansing rite follows.
9. The exorcism or ritual doesn't work nine times out of ten.
10. The Family moves away and another family moves in.

I don't know what you guys and gals think, but this pattern has occurred consistently in these shows. I feel that it is because these shows are staged and becoming a stereotype factory. I was just interested to see if anyone else has noticed such patterns arising in ghost shows, occult or paranormal encounter programs. I was also interested in anyone else's view on such programs.



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Sep. 19th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
Saw one.
I was just haphazardly flicking through T.V. channels while eating lunch right before work the other one day. I came a crossed another ghost show and I began to wait to see if it the preconceived stereotypical situation. Alright, the episode was about work place. I guess not all of them involve a family, a priest and a house. Good thing, it was starting to seem hopeless.
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